coffee time

Micro-comic for "KAFKA kafija" competition. Read about it here.


marshmallow root

ko viņas tur tik ilgi dara

Story for Kuš special female artist issue "Female secrets". This issue won the alternative comics prize of Angouleme 2012!

What are they doing there for so long?

Scientists have been asking this question for centuries already, but still have not come up with a clear answer.
Nevertheless the dominating opinions can be classified in different groups.

Some think that this phenomenon can be explained by specific way of receiving energy.

{For me – only salad, please!}

Others in their turn claim that all the cabins in women toilets are equipped with a special code and can be opened only when complicated mathematical manipulations are done.

Not everyone can make it quickly enough.

Some others link this with women’s tendency to apply various substances to their faces and propose a hypothesis that by default their faces look completely different.

There are also radicals who claim that the truth about women’s body anatomy is still being kept hidden carefully in global scale.

I personally think that they are doing
puzzles there

or building ship models.

But as I mentioned before, none has succeeded in finding out the truth.

And now, excuse me, but I should hurry up!