"sweetday cafe" menu card

There is a small, cozy cafe in the middle of Riga old town. I was asked to make a menu card for them and here is some of it.

homo ecos: uzlādē pasauli

This September people all around the world tried to move the planet from fossil fuels towards greener, cleaner energy future. Read about the action here http://www.moving-planet.org/

In Latvia with help from environmental organization Homo ecos: it went under the title "Uzlādē pasauli!" (Charge the planet!). Here are some of the identity things for that.

logo / badges /
t-shirts / outdoor posters /

homo ecos: daba_piedzīvojums_daba

This is a human from environmental organization Homo Ecos becoming an adventurer for their youth programme "Nature - Adventure - Nature".

Finally it took a role of the legendary Latvian hero Sprīdītis, who was indeed the greatest of all adventurers, leaving his step-mother, sister and grandmother to go and find happiness in the big world, taking only a spade with him.